A Few Tips on Boosting Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Traffic

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Increasing your pay per click (ppc) traffic and optimising your ppc campaign is a common problem for anyone who is trying to get the biggest bang for their buck. A poorly run pay per click campaign can haemorrhage money whilst simultaneously bring in the wrong kind of traffic.

This can be due to many different reasons and it is not easy to get on top of things by just following the available procedures. You need skill, experience and professionalism to create and manage a tightly run ppc campaign. In this article I will share a few key insights that can help contribute towards you achieving a much more optimal campaign.


  • Conduct your research – Proper market research will help you reach your target market in the easiest way. It’s incredibly important to know as much as possible about your prospective customers and their online behaviours. Everything you find out will contribute to effectiveness of your pay per click campaign.
  • Keyword Research – Getting to Know your audience with proper research will give you an overall idea of how they would reach your website. On top of that you absolutely must conduct keyword research. Use a keyword research tool such as the one provided by Google to determine the most effective keywords for your pay per click campaign. Doing this will help you determine where to put your resources and help the long term effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Create Suitable Adverts – Your ppc adverts should be intimately based on your keyword list. This is important if you want to maximise the amount of targeted traffic you receive for the money you spend. just as important is to remember that your ads should be a short, sharp, informative, sales message. Once your avert is in the right place you still have to capture the attention of your audience.
  • Planning Your Budget – Your budget will help you decide on the amount you are willing to pay for every targeted click you receive. Most people opt for a daily budget which can assist you in spreading your overall budget across a timeframe. This is especially useful if you have little experience of running an efficient pay per click campaign.
  • Monitor Your Campaign – Weekly, daily or even hourly monitoring of your ppc campaign is incredibly important in your pursuit for an increased pay per click traffic. This will help you refine your campaign and improve efficiency. It will help you weed out low traffic keywords and ineffective ads and bring up any other anomalies that are impeding the overall efficiency of your campaign.

These are just a few factors involved in the day to day creation, implementation and running of a targeted pay per click campaign. There’s a lot to it and I would always recommend professional help but with enough learning the small business owner can run a small campaign both efficiently and effectively.

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