Five Basic SEO Tips for Small Businesses to Get a Leg Up the Search Engines

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With many small businesses owners having to turn towards the internet to generate leads, SEO has come to play a major role in driving targeted traffic to the owners website.

Although SEO tips are a very powerful system of parameters, like any set of tools it is completely useless in the hands of the uninitiated. We’ve put together a few small business seo tips to help you get a leg up in the search engines.

1. Submit company information to Google Local.

Google is the most widely used search engine across the world, with a more than 65% share of the market. Creating a Google Local profile will enable you to enter detailed information about your business, which can then be available to people searching for related information online.

2. Correctly write the page titles of every web page.

One of many SEO tips not to be overlooked, page titles area massive component of on-page seo parameters. If you’re to have any chance of your small business website being found in search engines you will have to ensure this is being done. Your page title acts as a very short summary of your web page. It helps both people and search engines gauge the relevancy of your content to any search query conducted.

3. Optimise your website with relevant keywords.

In order for the search engines to deliver the most relevant content to their users you will need to write into your content, keyword phrases that are relevant. Orientating your page to specific search terms is of absolute importance if you wish to have any chance of being found by your target audience. This is a vitally important component of on-page search engine optimisation.

4. Sitemap an up-to-date sitemap to the search engines.

Creating a sitemap is important and fairly straightforward. A sitemap is helps search engines to see how many pages of content you have on your website and you will be able to see how many pages the search engine has indexed. If you haven’t yet been indexed by search engines, creating and submitting a sitemap is one of the easiest ways to nudge them into evaluating your website for all the pages.

5. Ensure you are making use of your meta descriptions.

Meta descriptions are vitally important to help search engines deliver the correct content to their users. For many pages the search engines will display a snippet of information that has key phrases relevant to the users search query. Your meta description should be a concise summary of the content users will expect to see if they visit your page.

Hopefully these seo tips will help with your small business seo endevours.

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