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Small Business Pay Per Click: Taking care of one’s health and the general maintenance of one’s self is second nature to all of us, yet we often let the things that surround us fall into disrepair.

You know there are more things than just your health that needs constant attention and looking after. If you’re running a small business pay per click campaign then you’ll know that it’s never a good idea to just set it up and leave it for months without touching it.

Long term success with small business pay per click will mean your campaigns will have to audited and checked regularly or your business may end up in bad health. Here’s a quick checklist of things to look at in order to decide what’s best for you and a few extra tips thrown in to help you decide.

Checking your ppc campaign settings:

Are your ppc campaigns running for both the search network & the display network?

Quick tip: Only run your ppc campaigns set for either one and never both

Is enhanced cost-per-click CPC turned and is it the right method for your campaigns?

Quick tip: Many people much prefer off and to control the CPC bids manually.

What ad delivery method are you using and is it relevant?

What ad rotation preference are you using?

Quick tip: Many people much prefer to rotate evenly especially when testing lots of ad copy.

Are you segmenting by different devices?

Quick tip: If you’re mobile ads are converting it might be a good idea to give them their own campaign

Are you targeting the correct locations?

Checking your ppc campign structure:

Have your ppc campaigns & ad groups been tightly themed?

Quick tip: You need to group your ppc ad groups by order of relevancy to increase your quality score.

Have you conducted in-depth keyword research?

How is your keyword research affecting broad, modified broad, phrase and exact matches?

How is each match type performing?

What aspects do you think you can you change for better performance?

Quick tip: Look at the keyword performances and decide whether to pause, lower the bids, or move them to another ad group altogether.

Are you running a campaign that is dedicated to just branded terms?

Quick tip: Try to keep branded keywords in different ad campaigns or ad groups to your non-branded keywords.

How many ads are you running for each ad group?

Quick tip: Running about 2 ads for each ad group makes things easier to manage and analyse.

When we run small business pay per click campaigns this is the sort of basic audit checklist we apply.However you set up and run your ppc campaign, I think we can all agree it is a good idea to check, audit and maintain to keep your campaign (and your business) in good health.

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