Important Landing Page Optimisation Tips for Your Pay Per Click Campaigns

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We’ve put together a handful of killer landing page optimisation tips.

These tips will help you convert those all important visitors into leads and ultimately business.

Your landing pages can mean the difference between pay per click heaven or hell. If you’re having problems converting your paid for traffic then you need to read on.

  • Make it relevant – Your headline plus any additional supporting statements must be properly aligned with the expectations of the visitor. Those expectations are created with your ad copy.
  • Create a really great offer – Build your landing page around an offer that visitors just can’t resist. All your key messaging and imagery must be orientated towards this.
  • Keep page load times down – If you’ve done a really fancy landing page and the whole thing just takes too much time to load you’re losing money and potential customers in one foul swoop.
  • Speak to your customers – Make sure your copywriting and visuals use a tone of voice and language that matches up your target audience. Don’t be afraid to experiement.
  • Make it eye catchingly obvious – Your landing page should make immediate sense to your visitors and should immediately capture their attention in only a few seconds.
  • Don’t make uninformed changes – It’s too easy to throw in the towel on your landing page after a few days..Don’t! Look at the data and base your changes on anything that’s statistically significant.
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