Link Building Packages: What to Look for in a Company

The internet contains millions of websites and competition for your target market is fierce. On-page SEO will only get you so far. At some point you’re going to need backlinks, and plenty of them. Not just any old backlinks, but quality backlinks and for that, you’re going need to employ a Link Building Company.

There are many ways a Link Building Company can create backlinks for you. Usually they will offer a series of Link Building Packages that set out what you can get for your money.

Good quality backlinks will increase your search engine ranking, bring in additional traffic & enhance your websites credibility. There is no point having a website if you’re not serious about seo, and backlinking is an absolute must.

Good quality backlinks will:

  • Contain relevant keywords
  • Come from a relevant source
  • Be a dofollow backlink
  • Come from a high pr source

When search engine users search for keywords relevant to your website, irrespective of your fundamental offering, the website with good quality backlinks will always rank higher on the search engine results page (serp) and consequently have a much better chance of being looked at by the right people. Ultimately this will result in more traffic, more leads and more sales!

Link building packages are incredibly popular, with many companies dedicating resources to the supply of these services. A Link Building Company should adapt their offering to most websites and requirements irrespective of the size of the requirement. They will usually offer all different kinds of customised link building packages and services.

These may include but are not restricted to:

  • Article submissions
  • Directory submissions
  • Blog comments
  • Social bookmarks
  • Content dissemination

Recently there has been a new ‘post penguin’ approach to link building which involves the use of ‘satellite’ linking. This involves the creation of a ‘high level’ of high quality backlinks which are then linked by hundreds of ‘low level’ backlinks. The overall effect and proposition is to increase the link juice made available from the high level links by increasing the page authority of the web page from which they are linking.

An example being as follows:

  • High level – 50 backlinks (pointing to your website)
  • Low level – 5000 backlinks (pointing to your high level backlinks)

This has been known to have an astounding effect on a websites ranking whilst helping to avoid any search engine penalisation by having any low quality backlinks pointing at your website. A ‘post penguin’ link building package should consist of both high level and low level links for ultimate effect.

Link building is absolutely crucial and if possible try to buy your link building packages from a reputable link building company. If possible avoid these overseas Indian spam companies. I have it on good authority that the links they build come from ‘NO TRAFFIC’ websites that are set up by the companies themselves and are viewed by Google as spammers and link farms.

If possible get a decent article written and syndicate the content through a reputable channel. Google and other search engines love unique, top quality, coherent content and many article directory websites already have high page ranks and good search engine reputations.

So, in summary, in choosing link building packages and your link building company you need choose a suitable package that is in line with your requirements and your budget. Ask about satellite linking and content syndication and ultimately you should ask questions and choose a company that shows expertise, dedication and professionalism.

Mark Griffin
After studying Design at his local University, Mark went on to work as Creative Director for a number of companies. Mark is a founding member & Director of Netrix. Mark Griffin Google +
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