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Launching a brand new small business website can be an absolute nightmare or pretty straight forward. We’ve compiled a small business seo checklist to help you along.

With the arrival of Google’s Penguin 2.0 and the ever increasing sophistication of search engines, you really must take into account as many small business seo ranking factors as possible.

If you’re to end up with an seo friendly small business website and the kind of decent rankings you need to make a sustainable, lead generating small business online it’s worth going through the list below.

Here’s the small business seo checklist:

  • Have you conducted full and extensive keyword research and did it uncover all the keyphrases / search terms that are relevant to business?
  • Have you done the neccessary competitor analysis to ensure you have a clear idea of how difficult it might be to compete for my chosen keyphrases / search terms?
  • Is all the seo copywriting on my website unique, high quality text that is both useful to users and search engines?
  • Have you written unique, seo page titles and meta descriptions for all the pages on your new small business website?
  • Do the page titles and meta descriptions perfectly reflect the content and seo orientation of the content pages they are representing?
  • Are all of your images named to perfectly represent what they are about and is the image alt tag also used descriptively?
  • Does your seo text make use of synonyms that could be used for your primary keywords on each page?
  • Have you ensured that your seo content is not over-optimised or keyword stuffed?
  • Are you making sure your web pages are not using too many keyword themes?
  • Are your most important keywords of my page in the beginning of the document?
  • Have I kept the content of my pages relevant to my website’s theme? Am I sure that I have not optimized my pages for irrelevant terms?
  • Are the most important keyphrases / search terms used in your H1 / H2 / H3 tags?
  • Are your pages distincly different from each other from an seo standpoint?
  • Is your website properly coded and cross-browser, cross device compatible?
  • Do your web page url’s also contain the primary keywords used on your individual pages?
  • Have you kept the volume of outgoing links from any particular to a minimum or given them at the very least a NO FOLLOW attribute?
  • Does your internal link strategy take into account descriptive, relevant anchor text when linking between pages?
  • Have you ensured there are no duplicate versions of pages anywhere on the website?
  • If you bought an aged domain have you checked whether it’s had a negative history with any search engines?
  • Have you created both an XML and HTML version of your sitemap and submitted them to the search engines?
  • Have you created and configured correctly your robots.txt file?
  • Have you looked into and developed a comprehensive, long term link building strategy?
  • Are you completely positive that your brand new small business website does not violate Google‘s seo guidelines?
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