Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is the perfect way to find and target your prospects

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With 900+ million active users & 35+ million in the UK, facebook holds massive opportunities for lead generation.

By far the biggest social network in the world, facebook advertising is brilliant tool in the internet marketing armory that allows advertisers to connect with their prospects. We offer bespoke facebook advertising and marketing solutions to exactly suit your budget and campaign requirements.


Our complete facebook advertising & marketing service includes:

  • Audience identification – This involves finding & targeting your audience & its estimated size.
  • Facebook page creation – We will design, build & maintain a bespoke facebook page.
  • Analytics – We use a combination of facebook insights and Google analytics to provide detailed reports.
  • ROI reports – We provide you with monthly ROI reports on costs & conversions.
  • Ad split testing – we will split test many variations of your adverts to single out the best performers.


What is facebook advertising?

Facebook advertising is a fantastic way to reach your prospects from both a broad and niche market perspective. Your company or organisation can target advertising to exact audiences based on very specific social and geographical parameters such as age, gender, location, interests, job and much more…