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Get high volume, low cost, targeted leads with Pay Per Click Advertising

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We provide ppc advertising & adwords management services for website businesses across the UK.

At our core we are internet marketing specialists with expert knowledge in providing effective Pay Per Click Campaigns. Pay Per Click Advertising is the quickest way to get visitors to your website and can also be a popular alternative to organic SEO.

So you’ve made some internal decisions, you have your budget & you think you know your customer. With continual analysis & correct optimisation, Pay Per Click Advertising success is only a stone’s throw away from any online business.

A strategic PPC campaign from Netryx will be properly structured, well thought out and as risk adverse as possible. This will ensure that you the customer get more traffic, more leads & more sales out of every penny you spend.

Pay Per Click provided for all major search engines


Rank high & rank fast with pay per click management

Pay per click management is the fastest way to get targeted visitors to your website. If poorly managed it can be a risky affair, it can be incredibly costly and although you will get visitors, you may not get much of a return on your investment.ppc-management

We see poorly managed Pay Per Click Campaigns running every day, where business owners are taking it on themselves to do everything in-house.

Complex, research based process

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is actually a very complex and iterative process which revolves around keywords, website analysis and search behaviour. In-depth research is key to creating winning search advertising campaigns.

Pay Per Click management should be handled with a clear, quantifiable goal in mind. The focus should be on conversions from the outset, you need traffic, but you have to have the right ‘targeted’ traffic for any campaign to succeed.

More bang for buck when done correctly

When PPC Advertising is done correctly it will result in a much lower cost-per-click meaning you can display more ads and get more visitors for your budget.

We help your customers find exactly what they are looking for so when your potential customers search for your products or services, you’re there to greet them.

Research, tracking, analysis & iteration

Trial and error is all well and good, but our industry experts combine dedicated research, tracking & analysis as well as the on-going iteration of your PPC Campaign.

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With us you get a whole host of expertise that includes

  • Thorough Keyword Research
  • Budget Control & Management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Conversions Analysis
  • Qualified, Experienced Staff
  • Ad Split Testing

Additionally, for larger campaigns we will drill down to a macro-analytic level and re-design your low converting pages using landing page optimisation and conversion optimisation techniques.

Regular testing as standard

At Netryx we perform regular testing on every PPC Campaign. This ensures that your campaign achieves maximum potential. Weekly or monthly reporting comes as standard and we use only the best PPC Management software packages to provide you with these details and manage your campaign.

Our dedicated, highly experienced staff, understand the importance of getting the most from your budget and we make it our business to reduce waste & maximise results.

Why choose Netryx as your ppc company

Begin the journey to an improved PPC Campaign with Netryx. You will be assigned a dedicated, professional PPC account manager who will work with you and your business to better understand what is right for you.

We will then formulate the correct ppc strategy, taking into account your marketplace and your budget.

A wealth of industry experience

Our wealth of industry experience will help you make the most of your PPC Advertising budget.

Whatever your marketplace, from Small Business PPC Campaigns to International brands we are certain we can create a lasting, cost-effective PPC Strategy that is both sustainable and provides a credible return on investment.

Strategic, cost effective ppc campaigns

A strategic PPC campaign from Netryx is the perfect & sensible way to ensure that you the customer get more traffic, more leads & more sales for your money.

Get in touch with us now for more information about our competitively priced Pay Per Click Management services.