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Create social media campaigns across multi-platforms that engage users and create brand enhancing dialogue.

Social Media transforms users from being content readers into content producers and engages people in meaningful relationships with products, brands & services. Its accessibility has been proven to be a valuable sales tool in the online marketing armoury.

Now everyone’s an online publisher

social-media-managementSocial Media Marketing functions through user interaction & the democratisation of information. It has the power to transform everyday users from being content consumers into content producers. It is through this interactive process that people engage and interact in the creation of meaningful relationships with products, services & brands.

Before Web 2.0, content creation was limited to those who created the websites & platforms being consumed. With platforms such as facebook, twitter & youtube everyone has an opinion and everyone can be a content creator & publisher. This has resulted in the people who use the content also becoming the ones who create it.

Information that reaches the four corners

Social media marketing has become the fastest way to disseminate information across the wider web. Through the fusion of technology & social use of that technology television and newspapers are no longer at the cutting edge of information dissemination.

News stories break on platforms like twitter & facebook and the population are interacting with, responding to and sharing their reactions in real time. Social media has become a complete paradigm shift in how people discover, read and share media content.

Share the love….and the content

Social Media gives people the opportunity to engage in with your product, service or brand in a meaningful way. Content is no longer just created in-house or by your media agency. Content is created by the general public and more often than not, moderated by the people that were once creators.

Reasons people love social media

  • Sense of Community
  • Having your own voice
  • Being an Insider
  • Real Time Interaction
  • Being Able to Contribute
  • Level Playing Field

A wealth of opportunities

Social Media provides a wealth of opportunities for companies to network at ground level with their customers. You can share opinions on promotions and ideas directly with the general public. It is a much more personal interaction in which customers build direct connections between themselves and the company.

Why choose Netryx as social media management company?

Netryx has expert knowledge and experience in social media management. Our team of dedicated social media marketing experts will maintain and expand your online presence across all the major social networks.

After your initial consultation we will get to work on creating a well thought out social media campaign with professionally designed profiles that will also be integrated into your existing website.

High standards, are, well…standard of course

We have extremely high standards when it comes to social media management & marketing. We will provide you with a dedicated account manager who will keep you up to scratch on all the developments taking place during the developmental process.

Great social media management relies on regular interaction with your followers, focussing on their objectives and interests. Get in touch with us now for more information about our competitively priced social media management & marketing services.

Recent client testimonials

  • I had just opened up a new martial arts center in Newport and wasn't getting any leads from my website. I was referred to Netryx by a friend and they updated the seo and copywriting on a couple of my website pages. Within a couple of weeks I was getting a steady stream of top quality leads which still continues to this day.

    Everton Smith
    Everton SmithManaging Director | Newport Martial Arts
  • It’s been less than 2 months & we're already on the first page for a bunch of our targeted keywords with some in the top 5 positions & above. Week in week out we are seeing a positive rise in our ranking for our chosen keywords. We’re already getting plenty of leads through the site and couldn’t be happier - highly recommended!

    Mike Taylor
    Mike TaylorWebmaster | Kings Private Clinics
  • I had a very vague idea for a business logo - within a very short period of time they had created several impressive variations on a theme. I highly recommend them for their professionalism, expert knowledge & impressively fast turnaround from rough draft to finished product. Excellent work from start to finish.

    Tara Hays
    Tara HaysVendor Management | BP
  • We have been using Netryx for our website design and SEO for the last eighteen months and would like to thank them for all their efforts. During that time they have increased our Google ranking significantly, provided us with varied ideas and practical solutions to improve our website design and optimisation. We are enjoying the benefits of their work through higher click through rates and more business enquiries and would not hesitate to recommend their professional services.

    David Taylor
    David TaylorManaging Director | G.P. Solutions
  • Leisurequip approached Netryx after we lost a lot of traffic from our old website. Initially we wanted a backlink analysis thinking it was the only problem. Netryx suggested we build an entirely new website and search engine optimisation. We have been so impressed with Netryx we have kept them on to be our chosen website management team.

    Kenton Mann
    Kenton MannManaging Director | Leisurequip
  • I've worked with Mark [our MD] on a number of high level video production projects for large corporates such as BT & Blackberry plus many other small and mid-sized video projects. His work ethic and quality control are extremely high and his innnovative nature and ability to get the job delivered always helps ensure a positive outcome.

    Robert McGowan
    Robert McGowanManaging Director | Media Edit
  • Netryx did an exceptional job for us. Right from the start they examined our proposition and how that play in the search engines. Search optimisation was a big deal for us and Netryx helped massively on that score. They found a fantastic domain and re-designed our logo to fit. We were ecstatic to see we ranked high right from the launch.

    Jamie Jarzembski
    Jamie JarzembskiPro iPhone Unlock