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With a full website audit you’ll gain crucial insights into how well your website is performing for search engines.

Having a your website audited is extremely important. Many website businesses opt for a full website audit before making decisions about how they want to progress their online business. Many clients also conduct an audit before they take up SEO packages.

Having your website audited will give you a huge amount of insight into how it is performing for seo, core messaging, design look and feel, html errors, broken links and a whole lot more. A fully functioning website is vital for ensuring search engine visibility.

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    Our complete website audit will report on

    • Duplicate title tags & descriptions – Unique & descriptive page titles are fundamentally important in increasing your unique seo footprint and increase likelihood that search engines deliver your content to the right people.
    • Any missing title tags – The primary search engines usually display the title of your web page in their search Having missing titles that are descriptive of the content on the page can mean the difference between visitors and no visitors.
    • Page title length – Although modern search engines have learnt to truncate overly long page titles, it is still best practice to keep them short, pertinent and on topic where possible. Our website audit report will identify overly long page titles and any seo update we agree on will amend any issues.
    • Internal link strategy – Our website audit will provide a comprehensive insight into how you structure your internal links. We will provide data on how many internal links are on each web page and what the anchor text is of each one.
    • Broken internal links – Broken internal links not only undermine user experience but can also have a negative effect in search engines. We will provide you with a report on any broken internal links your site may have.
    • Index status of web pages – We will provide a report on the index status of all your web pages. It’s all well and good having plenty of great content but for any number of reasons search engines may not have them in their index. We can fix that.
    • Duplicate content – Search engines love unique content to be on every page they index. Reusing copy or images across your site can have a negative effect on your search engine results. We will provide a report on any possible conflicts.
    • Duplicate meta descriptions – In the same was as title tags, your meta descriptions should be unique and descriptive of your content. We identify any duplicate descriptions so you can ensure that you are getting the most from your pages.
    • Robots.txt file – Misconfigured robots.txt files can block crawlers from valuable content as well as ensure the pages you don’t want indexed are protected. We will check the configuration and make any necessary adjustments.
    • Low word count pages – Web pages that have very little content are very often given poor rankings in the SERP. We will identify these low word count pages to help you beef them up with relevant content and drive more traffic to your site.
    • Image names & ALT tags – Using relevant image names and alt tags will help search engines attach greater relevance to your content. Our report will show you what images you have, their names and their alternative descriptions.

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