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Our link building services combine a mixture of link building techniques that are designed for all types of customers.

As a UK link building service, we aim only to bring the best link building services to our clients. If you need in-depth professional keyword research we do that to. Also if you have a strict budget we can provide custom link building services tailored to your requirement. We also have a range of UK SEO Packages that will take your rankings to the next level.

Top 3 reasons you need a link building service:

1. Increased search rankings

The most important reason to use link building services is of course increased rankings in the search engines. Backlinks play a huge role in how the search engines gauge the importance of your web pages, so high quality backlinks are an absolute must for any website owner.

2. Increased cost efficiency

Using a link building company effectively will, over time, help decrease your overall advertising spend. Internet businesses can become heavily reliant on advertising but a long term link building strategy as part of a local or small business seo campaign can cost a fifth of your current advertising budget.

3. Increased overall visibility

Link building is a fantastic way to get your website out to people across the internet. People are constantly checking out new websites and if your site is on all the various social bookmarking sites, blogs & directories you will be in front of people who are already looking to check out new websites.

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    Our range of link building services include:

    Extended competitor link analysis

    This involves us doing exact match searches for keywords you want to rank for and collating the top 30 results from Google. We then look at the link profiles of these results and collate 1000 results from each website. After this we run a page rank check for the roughly 30,000 results we end up with. We then get rid of the results that are under PR4 or are non-contextual.

    Typically we end up with 1-2 thousand high page rank urls that contain links pointing to your competitors equivalent pages. We then go through these manually to see if we can get a link pointing back to your page. This is time consuming but important if you want to get a long term diverse link profile. Typically we will expect a return of around 100-150 top quality backlinks. This can be done for any keyword.

    Content syndication

    Newly written content would be syndicated out to various websites in order for us to start building your backlink profile. This is a combination of automated and manual content syndication. we firmly believe in manual content syndication to high quality sites should always be used to ‘buffer’ any automated processes.

    Contextual blog commenting

    This involves conducting massive volumes of searches based around your keywords. We would typically end up with 100,000 urls and above. Similarly to above we then process the urls for page rank and contextuality and then attempt to obtain a link back to your web page. This also takes a lot longer than typical link building processes but the returns are also very high quality.

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