Six Introductory SEO Link Building Tips for Small Business Websites

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If you want to rank well in the SERP you’re going to need backlinks. Here are some link building tips to help with your ongoing quest for better rankings.

Most small businesses cannot afford to spend £300 a week with an online marketing company to create the much needed seo content and high quality backlinks every site needs to rank well in the modern search engine.

Many small businesses owners will never understand or have realised for their businesses the true value of a professional seo company. They are put off by investing in the web or never put in enough to get anything tangible out. With so many bullshit seo companies about it’s no wonder a lot of small business are still playing safe and sticking to print.

Accept that high quality link building is time consuming and difficult.

Quality SEO link building is very difficult and extremely time consuming. With good reason too. In the early days anyone with even the tiniest of search engine knowledge could rank their website, now though it has become incredibly difficult and way out of the reach of anyone for high value keywords.

Put together a strategic link building plan.

Planning is important for the success of anything you can’t do in the blink of an eye. Whether it’s building a brick wall or building your link profile you’ll need to sketch out what your approach is going to be and get on and do it. It could take months or even years to rank for some keywords so dig your heels in and plough on…..we all love it when a plan comes together.

Give people a reason to link to you.

There are sooooooo many crap websites on the internet. All those half baked attempts at lead generation floating all over the virtual space. Why should anyone want to link to your half baked website? Go BIG! Make a statement about something….get involved in life and do it to the best of your ability. Maybe then your website will start making the kind of splash on the internet that you’re making in the real world.

Get your on-page seo nailed!

If you haven’t got your on-page search engine optimisation nailed there’s no way in hell you’re going to rank. Example: we had a client that had 4 months of link building done and didn’t understand why they weren’t seeing any changes in their rankings. I took one look at their site, made a few on-page adjustments and withing 2 weeks they were getting leads.

Keep up-to-date and on the ball.

Google has just released Penguin 2.0 which is an updated version of their search engine algorithim. Did you know that? You should know that. Stuff like that big news for website owners of all sizes. Go visit a few seo company websites, read a bit of news, keep abreast of goings on, it’ll pay dividends. At the very least you’ll be able to make a much better informed decision about your choice of seo company or link building strategy.

Build more relationships and links will follow.

If you reach out to other small business website owners and industry insiders and build long lasting relationships, these could and should result in quality link building opportunities. You’re in this for the long haul so forget about quick wins.

Whatever you choose to do….remember this one golden rule: A link is for life, not just for Christmas!

Mark Griffin
After studying Design at his local University, Mark went on to work as Creative Director for a number of companies. Mark is a founding member & Director of Netrix. Mark Griffin Google +
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