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Before you get a website designed for your business you may be wondering whether there are differences between web design for small business or much larger businesses.

In a nutshell, yes, there can actually be considerable differences for a number of varying reasons. Of course, businesses generally are going to have very different requirements for web design but web design requirements for small and large businesses can be worlds apart. Industry sectors will also dictate the nature of the web design requirement.

Most small businesses will generally only require a small website, by small I mean a handful of pages (up to 15) with no additional contentment management system. This kind of website provides the basic information a visitor might be looking for. The web design generally acts as an introduction to the business and a summary of its services and is usually an extension to a ground level ‘walk in’ business.

Alternatively a larger business will generally require a much bigger, more complex web design, often with hundreds of pages and a content management system. Larger businesses will have a larger budget and will probably want to implement additional features such as a secure online payment system for product sales which is usually not required with small business web design.

When you’re looking for a suitable web design company it’s advantageous to use one that has experience working with businesses just like yours. This isn’t to say you should hire the same web design company as your competitors but using a web design company with experience with businesses similar to your own will work much better for you in the long run.

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