Website Management, Design & Content Mistakes to Avoid

There are a million and one websites on the internet, some incredibly beautiful, some not so. Whilst the process of professional web design is no longer easy, it certainly is not beyond the grasp of most people. Failure to create and maintain a decent, professional looking website can result in the failure of your online business.

You want your visitors to part with the memory of a great user experience from a well put together, up to date experience so they return to your website time and time again. Poorly managed and designed websites very rarely achieve the visitor stickiness needed to become successful. Here are a few tips that will help you manage your website’s user experience and keep your site up to date.

1. Why is it taking so long to load?

Someone once said you’ve got 3 seconds to pin a newly arriving visitor to your website. However long you’ve got I think it’s fair to say that visitors don’t have an awful lot of patience. When they land on the page they want instant visibility so if your website is still loading after a few seconds, chances are they will exit before it has fully loaded.


After all, the internet is incredibly competitive which means there is an increased likelihood that another website also has exactly what they are looking for. It’s a good idea to go through your pages and make sure all the content such as images, flash and videos are the smallest possible file sizes they can be without compromising quality. Also try and reduce the amount of JavaScript or feeds from external sources on each page.

2. Is this the right place?

So, your page has loaded and the visitor is scratching their head wondering if this is what they were actually looking for. Clear sign posting, typographic hierarchies, contextual web design and personal statements are all important parts of helping your visitors know exactly where they are. These help make the immediate connection between the idea of what the visitor is looking for and what they have found.

3. How do I get to?

Another huge mistake made by website owners and web designers is ensuring clear and comprehensive navigation. Poor navigation is another massive reason for visitors to leave your website. If visitors can’t easily and quickly find what they are looking for they will leave within seconds. Clear navigation has the opposite effect, it helps visitors feel comfortable and in control of their experience whilst on your website.

4. I thought that was before?

Keeping your website up to date is incredibly important if you want visitors not only to keep coming back but to have confidence in voice. No-one wants to stick around on a website that looks like it died 2 years ago and forgot to bury itself. Articles, news and other posts need to be updated if they are to remain useful, informative and contemporary. It’s a good idea to review your content once in a while to make sure it’s up to date.

5. Why are there so many ads?

Visitors to your website come to buy things or engage in your great content. They do not come to your website to look at the ads. Now most people appreciate that ads are a normal part of most websites and website owners know they are a great source of income, but that doesn’t mean that ¾ of the page should be covered in flashing banners.

People get distracted by too many ads and can become frustrated whilst trying to engage with your other content. You need to strike a balance somewhere in between. Too many ads will drive your visitors away and possibly never to return.

Mark Griffin
After studying Design at his local University, Mark went on to work as Creative Director for a number of companies. Mark is a founding member & Director of Netrix. Mark Griffin Google +
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