2020 Rising


eCommerce Web Design, Logo Design, Graphic Design

The client had been with us for over 10 years. In that time we had built them numerous websites, filmed and created dozens of promotional videos, designed posters, leaflets and much more. When the client had an idea for a new service they came to us at the inception to discuss it.

After a consultation we agreed to a new website, logo & accompanying media. Out of that consultation came the 2020 Rising concept that focuses on workshops for schools to help them better understand mental health and youth violence.

Quick details

Website: www.2020rising.org.uk

Size: 35+ pages

Services: eCommerce web design, logo design, graphic design

Web platform: WordPress

Netryx was instrumental in bringing the concept to life. We conducted a wealth of competitor research to assist in the refining the proposition and to help convey the ideas more succinctly.

eCommerce web design

Whilst the primary focus was on the service side of the website, the client has written a number of publications that help inform the topics of the workshops and that were to be offer for purchase in conjunction with the workshops.

As a result we agreed the best route forward was to build a small shop section where the books could be purchased for immediate digital download or hard copies purchased to be dispatched by post. We used the Woocommerce platform which fits seamlessly into WordPress.

Logo design

We consulted with the client and over a number of weeks presented them with various worksheets containing logo ideas. These were then discussed with the client, after which we settled on a specific route forward and took this design through to completion.

The final logo subtly suggests the idea of rising upward to fit in with the concept of the proposition.

Graphic design

In additional to the website and logo we also create a number of book covers for publications the client had written. These book covers were submitted to Amazon and had to adhere to specific content and size guidelines. Each cover used the same design principles with minor differences for the size, images, colours and text.