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CMS Responsive Web Design, Logo Design, Video Production, Site Move

When the client approached us they were in transition. They already had a functioning brand but were to looking for a complete re-brand and all the marketing collateral that accompanies it.

The original brand was called TrapMedia which had been around for a number of years and had had plenty of success. Gradually over time the client website and overall brand was starting to degrade so the client thought a complete re-brand would be the most sensible way forward.

Quick details


Size: 150+ pages

Services: CMS Responsive Web Design, Logo Design, Video Production, Site Move

Web platform: WordPress

Responsive website

The old TrapMedia website had been built upon over an number of years. Unfortunately it wasn’t built using a content management system so adding new pages wasn’t very straight forward.

Because of this the in-house web team were adding more an more content to the existing pages and they had grown bloated with unrelated content.

We looked at the entire website and completely re-structured and the content. This meant documenting and tagging all the pages so we have a complete map of the content on each page.

We then used the website and content map to create a new website structure that made it easier for visitors to find the information they needed quickly. We built the website in WordPress using a responsive basic framework.

All the blog content was exported from the old website and imported into the new WordPress site. We also went through every page on the website re-linking all the internal links and updating any images.

Logo update

The client had a basic typographic logo designed for Creative Volt. We took the logo and with a flash of inspiration added the lightning bolt.

We did this because we felt the logo was missing a final touch. The client was very happy with the submission.

Video production

The TrapMedia website had about a dozen presenter led webvideos across the website. These videos explained the client services in 2 minutes or less using a video presenter and additional graphics.

The client wanted to know if we could re-brand the videos using the original footage. After looking through the scripts and watching the videos we knew there was something we could do with them.

TrapMedia was mentioned in a number of videos plus the closing sections on many were unusable. Luckily we still managed to re-edit all the videos into a format that would work well on the new Creative Volt website.

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