Get it for less


Copywriting, SEO, Web Design, eCommerce, Branding

When we first made contact with the client they were operating an eCommerce affiliate website that was having difficulty gaining traction. After an initial consultation we suggested a range of SEO measures to be followed up with a roadmap document that would give the client some level of autonomy for the future.

On completion of the initial work the client was impressed and we opened a discussion about the future of the existing brand.

Quick details


Size: 30,000+ pages

Services: Copywriting, SEO, eCommerce web design, logo design, branding

Web platform: WordPress

In our discussions with the client we broached the subject of creating a completely new brand based around the concept of saving money on every day products. Out of that lengthy consultation process emerged the Get it for less brand.


Netryx created an extended brand document that outlined everything needed to create the brand and what the brand stood for. We then presented the document to the client for continued discussions. The concept was simple, everything on the platform would be on sale. As a result you would never need to pay full retail for anything ever again.

We created a simple logo that was representative of the shopping experience and extended the colour scheme into simple blues and yellows.

eCommerce affiliate web design

The client was already using WordPress in conjunction with Woocommerce and Datafeedr to pull in thousands of products that were on sale from the AWIN affiliate network. We took the existing technology and re-applied it to the new platform.

Page designs were provided to the client for all the main pages such as home, product category, brand and product. We then built the new website around these designs.

Keyword research

The main bulk of the content of was the product category pages. Because of the nature of the website we chose not to index the product pages as they would be in a state of continual flux.

Netryx conducted extensive keyword research on 100’s of topics relating to both product categories and key search terms such as ‘deal’, ‘sale’, ‘offer’, ‘discount’, ‘cheap’ and so on.

The keyword research was gathered into spreadsheets and pivoted into workable groups for the SEO copywriting process.

Seo copywriting

Netryx offer a fully documented SEO copywriting service that has been developed over a decade. For Get it for less we wrote around 50,000 words covering 100’s of product category and brand topics.

Additional considerations.

The end result is a fully mobile responsive website that loads quickly, is easy to navigate and offers thousands of deals on every day products.