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GPS are a long term client who has benefited from a wide range of online services. The client got in contact with us after being penalised by Google. This resulted in them losing all their rankings for a large portion of their important keywords.

The client needed to know what had happened and why they had suddenly lost all their traffic and leads.

Through a long running consultation process we helped them out of penalty and back up to high rankings for important keywords.

Quick details


Size: 50+ pages

Services: SEO, copywriting, link analysis, link building & web design, site restructuring

Web platform: WordPress

On-page SEO updates

The client has a mid-sized website and experience tells us that these things can grow out of control for small businesses who have only a handful of employees. After looking through the on-page seo it was clear it was completley outdated and inconsistent.

The client had been doing a lot of the on-page seo stuff themselves and what might have worked 3 or 4 years ago unfortunately wouldn’t cut the mustard in 2012. We dragged off the content from various pages, put it into documents and re-wrote the entire pages. All this was part of an on-going small business seo package we are providing the client.

From the client

  • We have been using Netryx for our website design and SEO for the last eighteen months and would like to thank them for all their efforts. During that time they have increased our Google ranking significantly, provided us with varied ideas and practical solutions to improve our website design and optimisation. We are enjoying the benefits of their work through higher click through rates and more business enquiries and would not hesitate to recommend their professional services.

    David Taylor
    David TaylorManaging Director | G.P. Solutions

Traffic Almost Triples in a Matter of Months


Website re-fresh

When we first took GPS on clients’ website was already a number of years old. It was rife with outdated technology and aesthetics. Building a new website was out of question so we opted for an overhaul.

First we brought a copy of the website into a developer environment. We set about updating wordpress and all the plugins. We removed outdated plugins and replaced them with something more advanced.

We also installed a range of in-page management tools that would make it much easier to manage content and create more interesting web pages. We also added an additional 100 lines of custom css code to give the website an aesthetic facelift.

Penguin & Panda proofing

The client had been hit by one of the many Google algorithm updates for over optimised backlinks and poor quality content. To deal with this we conducted a full backlink analysis and assessed the on-page content for a number of factors.

We also moved the client to another domain to ensure all penalties were completely removed. When we conducted the website re-fresh we also re-structured the website to make it much more seo friendly. This also included a complete overhaul of the internal linking structure and naming conventions for the images.

All algorithm updates since have resulted in no additional penalties and the site continues to rank well for important keywords.

Copywriting & content creation

Part of the problem for many clients is that they have little or no content on their website. Consequently search engines see no reason to deliver their websites to their users. Search engines are putting a huge emphasis on delivering top quality, valuable content as a means to keep their users coming back.

If you want your website to be seen as an authority on a subject matter and for search engines to deliver your website to users you’re going to need to create fresh, interesting content regularly.