Peekaboo Baby Company


SEO Copywriting, Domain Acquisition

Peekaboo is a new brand of children’s baby boxes and assorted new born clothing and gifts. When they approached Netryx they were having a new ecommerce website designed and built.

They also knew they needed to get the site optimised for search engines. They also have a range of domains in mind but were unable to make the right seo decision.

Quick details


Services: SEO Copywriting, Domain Acquisition

Web platform: WordPress

Domain acquisition

We looked at the shortlist of domains the client had in mind. Most were very long and all were unregistered. If you register a domain and use it straight away you risk being sandboxed by Google for 6 months. Google has a preference for aged domains and long term websites. They do this to avoid delivering spam to its users.

Fortunately we have a wealth of experience in domain acquisition for websites that want to avoid penalisation. We consulted with the client about their product range and carried out some preliminary keyword research to reflect this.

On identifying their primary keywords we then used our many channels to hunt down and acquire a suitable aged domain –

On-page seo

The client needed the entire website optimising for search engines. After a consultation it was clear they just wanted a handful of pages done which they could then copy themselves.

The approach we take is to document all the content into single pages. We then go through every page one by one applying our tried and tested seo methodology across as many aspects of the page as possible.

We provided 10 pages of seo which included keyword research, pages titles, meta, on-page copywriting and url updates. The client is currently on the first page of Google for baby box which is their most important keyword.

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