Case Study

Street Fit

We completely re-organised and re-designed the way they conduct their business online.

Website: www.streetfit.tv

The client came to us looking to upgrade their existing website. What they ended up with was a comprehensive re-think about how they did business online. Now they can really grow…



Street Fit can be perceived as the street dance equivalent of Zumba. It was first conceived around 4 years ago and has been growing ever since.

The existing website platform had reached breaking point with no end of user and client frustrations. The client needed something that could grow exponentially.

Over the course of a number of years all manner of functionality was bolted onto the basic Drupal framework. Without proper management the website and functionality had started to degrade.

drupal-to-wordpressDrupal to WordPress

To keep costs down it was vital that we successfully export data from the existing Drupal platform.


The old site had around 100+ blog posts that needed bringing across to the new platform. We bulk exported these (including images and basic styling) into a format wordpress would accept.

This saved countless man hours and meant finishing off with internal linking was very straight forward.

User accounts

The old site had around 900+ user accounts that needed to be imported into wordpress. They were a mixture of customer, subscription and instructor accounts that had different types of access and profiles.

sf-user-profile4Profile Types

The type of account a user had needed to dictate the type of profile they had access to. For example: if you signed up for a basic account you would be given a basic profile.

Geo tagging

If you were successful in becoming a Street Fit instructor you were able to hold your own dance fitness class. We created a profile type for instructors that gave them extended meta and the ability to geo tag their profile.

Those profiles were then made searchable on a particular page. The search results would give you a quick run down of the instructor, their location in proximity to your query and a link to their full profile.

The profile page would contain full details about any classes the instructor was running plus additional contact details.


The existing ecommerce section was fragmented and difficult to use. A single merchandise item alone could easily span 15+ pages.

We brought what was a 100+ pages ecommerce section down to a handful of simple product categories. Each category was then extended with variable products which further simplified the shopping experience.


The old platform also sold subscriptions to premium content such as videos and downloads. We added group functionality which we then integrated into the ecommerce section.

This meant users could purchase a subscription type and get automatically added to a premium content group. Administrators can add new content to the groups or create additional content groups which can also be sold via the shop.

SagePay / PayPal

We also integrated dual payment gateways. The client’s preference was SagePay as they already had a long term business account. Unfortunately SagePay doesn’t take subscriptions so we integrated a PayPal business account.

Unless a user is purchasing a subscription the payment gateway defaults to SagePay. This keeps all the subscriptions in PayPal with everything else in the clients SagePay account.


It was clear from the outset that if Street Fit was to grow we needed to get the community talking to each other.

To be able to communicate with other enthusiasts and exchange information was vital to the overall growth of the movement.

We installed a simple to manage community forum. All you need as a user is a basic account and you can start posting content and talking to other enthusiasts.


Video content plays a large part in driving the Street Fit movement forward. Street Fit is a physical activity with lots of stylistic dance fitness moves. Because of this it’s important that people are able to see not just the moves in action but other enthusiasts taking part.

JW Player

We documented all the video collateral from the old site and put it into spreadsheets. We then installed a site wide video management system into the backend.

This allows any administrator to add the video of their choice to any page without leaving the wordpress backend. All videos are added by way of a shortcode in conjunction with a customised video player that fits the Street Fit identity.

On-site display

We also integrated the videos into the front end using a tiled masonry wall. All aspects of the integrated video section have the capability to work on all devices and bandwidths.

sf-responsiveResponsive Framework

With mobile and tablet engagement growing all the time it’s clearly an important sector to cater to. Thankfully the advent of responsive web design has allowed muli-device engagement much more straight forward.

We designed and built the Street Fit website on a responsive framework. This essentially means it will conform to the screen size of the visitors device, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Each individual experience is different and results in better levels of engagement. Everything on the website was designed and implemented to ensure it would look good and function well on any device.