Copywriting, Logo Design, SEO, Web Design

The client came to use looking to expand on an idea relating to services they were offering more and more of. Essentially, the client had been providing services relating to storage tank installations and wanted to solidify this loose set of services into a solid proposition.

After much discussion and competitor research we decided on a fairly open ended name and called the new venture Tankology. We then set about creating all the collateral relating to the new idea.

Quick details

Website: www.tankology.co.uk

Size: 30+ pages

Services: Copywriting, Logo Design, SEO, Web Design

Web platform: WordPress

Logo design

There was little budget available for logo design and branding but we agreed to provide something that was simple and clean. The end result was a simple icon that could be used across social media and mobile platforms.

tankology logo design

tankology logo usage


Netryx also agreed to formulate an underpinning brand that would tackle colours, fonts, messaging and so on. Although we never created complete brand guidelines we did enough to help us create a more comprehensive set of collateral such as business cards and website.

tankology typography

The client favoured something using green and blue as they had used this colour scheme in other online collateral. Netryx took those colours and expanded on them to create a functioning set of brand colours that could be used both online and offline.

tankology brand colours

Keyword research

The client focus was on storage tank installation around the South Wales area, with a primary focus on septic tank services. We did a whole host of keyword research and competitor analysis. Doing this helps inform both the structure of the website as well as the SEO content orientation.

Seo copywriting

Netryx took the keyword research and used it to inform the seo copywriting. The content and website structure are built around the requirement of the search engines equally as much as the requirements for the website in regard to functionality and visitor experience.

tankology brand message

Netryx also used a range of words we felt related to the core message of the Tankology brand. We worked these words into the copywriting in parallel to the keywords for SEO purposes.

WordPress web design

By the time we came to the website design we already had everything we needed in terms of design sensibility, copywriting, SEO, website structure and on-page content.

The website was built using the WordPress CMS using an underpinning theme that would provide the functionality needed to deliver the site.

Additional considerations.

During this process we also created a number of social media accounts and Google business profile to put Tankology on the map. We also created business cards and other corporate stationary to help the client operate the business.